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Yooo :D

2010-09-25 22:48:07 by glbracer

Meh Facebook
Meh Youtube
Also check out my flashes... Shout out to my clan leader (Wolfie234) on Combat Arms .. :D
Meh Combat Arms Profile :P


2010-08-12 02:06:48 by glbracer

i havent been popular lately :O


2010-06-10 18:12:10 by glbracer

here r the links tht r borken/not working in my descirption

Me and TJ worked endlessly all night to improve it. While I did most of the improvment, he helped with the stuff I couldnt understand or neeeded help with. So I think I got alot better at flash making!!
check it out up there ^^^^^
(Imbecile Quiz is the very first version.)
(The Imbecile Quiz is the new improved version)


2010-05-21 23:15:27 by glbracer

my first flash is above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

fuck no!!!!!

2010-04-30 21:09:39 by glbracer

WTF I FUCKIN MISSED PICA DAY GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! :O


2010-04-05 18:41:05 by glbracer

hi peeps, im rly bored...

my first flash

2010-03-27 16:06:13 by glbracer



2010-03-14 23:25:25 by glbracer

invention of lying just 7 minutes in is friggin hillarious


2010-03-07 23:31:06 by glbracer

no shit, no big fucking deal until it happens :'( 3 simple words is all it takes to jumpp..... fml