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pretty good, rly funny, but the words r kinda hard to read so.... 3/5 9/10


ok it is rly amazing, the only reason i gav e u a nine is because the begginging makes no sense, i understood it towrds the end, buit still. it has the same affect as a play, if the openening scene isnt truley amazing, they WILL keave and they'll want their money back. but still their paying their internet to see wat u've made. so make the beggining a little bit better. but other than tht AMAZING graphics, great music.


the comdey was amazing and pure gold, but at times it got too loud and its 5:40 in the morning now so u work on that. um... u need to work on the animation, but overall- 1/5 3/10

sidenote- also, i wont let too much word get out, but im making a game and i need to talk to u.

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Sweet concept, and the graphics are sexy. I think you should add a loading screen that describes how to play, and make the controls a bit more lenient. I'm having some troubles properly controlling the ball.

Awesome, I had fun fiddling around with it. Something fun to do when you're bored. However why is it you move faster horizontally than vertically? Another thing, you should make the keys to chop a bit more recognizable. As much time as I spend on the computer Z, X, and C, are three keys I still need to look at the computer to press knowingly. I'm sure many other people are on the same page. Maybe try changing the keys to I, O, and P, or something closer to WASD.

It's a good concept, and I can see it going places. A few things though;
Add a larger variety of weapons.
Have some sort of reload system, every six or seven shots you reload (for the magnum and Desert Eagle, respectively.)
Fix it so it says "You levelup..." it should say something like, "You've leveled up!"
Improve the front menu so it's a bit more smooth, like the actual game.

lohrel21 responds:

Thank you for your review, really appreciated.
I posted this because I need to show it in a school presentation, the game was a game I did years ago.
But I just started studying in computer sciences and programming, so I will soon be able to make a game way more complete; based on your comments.
Thank you!

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yes.. it is funny how this is awesome..

.. like every other thing uve submmitted :P

durn responds:

lol, thanks dude. :D

:D :D

just as great as every single spam uve sent me :P

durn responds:

mmm, fresh from the can! :D


love it, the rythm is rance but rock with gunge guitar
I LOVE IT!!!im so downloadin this

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

Lol, trancy metal, that's funny. Thanks!

Been forever since I've been on here, shiieetttt.

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